The Dairyman Heritage Pork

Free Range, milk fed heritage breed pigs living a stress free life in the beautiful Barossa Valley.

Premium cuts are utilised for a range of fresh cuts, as well as ham, bacon, cured and smoked meats.

Produced using traditional methods, they are delicate and tender. You can truly taste the love in all of our products.

There are over 20 cuts and products available each week, including roasts, belly, spare ribs and loin cuts, as well as bacon, ham and sausages.


Find us at:
Barossa Farmers Market
every Saturday morning.

Adelaide Showground Farmers Market
every Sunday morning.



For over 40 years Michael Wohlstadt has produced milk and meat in the Barossa Valley. His Jersey cows and pigs graze in the foothills of the Barossa ranges. He is proud to promote mixed farming in the Barossa and its revival, where the farmer’s labour goes into growing food and producing meat, milk and fibre, all on the one property.

Michael’s Jersey Milk is used for butter and cream, as well as to raise free range Berkshire and Tamworth pigs. Probably the only milk-fed pig herd in Australia. The pigs are also fed local grain that Michael mills, and they graze on improved pasture.

No feed additives that taint meat, and no growth stimulants or hormones are used.

The heritage breeds produce a very moist and tender meat, partly due to the breed type, but also their environment – they live a life of very low stress, are grown slowly, get plenty of exercise, and have a very wholesome diet.  Pigs respond to their feed and their environment, you can taste the difference.

The Dairyman’s Heritage Pork is marbled, with enough fat that is soft and creamy, and which easily renders during cooking. The meat suits both slow and high temperature cooking and stays moist. It is tender and flavoursome.

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