The Dairyman Heritage Pork

The Dairyman’s Heritage Pork is available by order and you will also find us at the Barossa Farmers Market at Vintners Sheds, Angaston every Saturday morning.

Cuts usually available:

Belly: Asian, Crispy barbecue, Spicy Confit

American Spare Ribs: Asian, Crispy barbecue , Spicy Confit

Mince*: Shoulder or Leg.  Meatloaf, Asian, Rissoles

Shoulder Roast (Boneless or Bone In)*: Roasts for four or more people. Great cold the next day. Curries or Stews

Scotch Fillet:  Whole piece for roasting and or slicing as steaks for light grill

Scotch Fillet Steaks: Light grill. Tender and succulent.

Pork Fillet: Kebabs, Medallions, Asian stir fry

Loin Rack & Cutlets: Roast, barbecue or grilled

Hocks: Pot roast, slow cooked and glazed

Cheek: Tender meat and great alternative to Belly. Roast or Grilled

Trotters, Tails and Ears: Soup

Whole Pig or Suckling Pig*: For special occasions – order required.

* indicates order required


Italian American Sausages: Fennel, sage, garlic, no preservatives or flour, natural casings. Grill or Oven bake.


Kassler Loin Cutlets: Traditional Barossa German recipe.

Bacon – Fillet/Short, Belly, Leg*: Traditional method, naturally smoked country style.

Leg Ham, Boneless or on the Bone*: Salted, slow cooked and red gum smoked.

Wohlschinken, Plain or Pepper: Cured and lightly smoked scotch fillet. Delicate, like prosciutto, suited to antipasto.

Speck*:  Cured and lightly smoked.

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